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A scoring framework to streamline your crypto research, evaluate fundamentals, and assess the risks associated with cryptos.

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Source: Messari, updated as on 30th Nov 2023.

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What is 1 Finance Score?

The 1 Finance Score is derived from a scoring system that evaluates cryptos on fundamental parameters, assigning each a score. Designed to enhance your crypto research, this score aids in making informed decisions, grounded in thorough, impartial analysis, with a primary focus on identifying the risks involved.

Scores are represented as:

  • GreenCryptos exhibiting more stable fundamentals
  • YellowCryptos with decent fundamentals but with certain elements warranting attention
  • RedCryptos that might be grappling with potential challenges or concerns

Scoring Parameters

A set of four critical parameters is identified to delve into the fundamental aspects of cryptos, aiding in more informed and well-rounded crypto research.

  • LiquidityUtilises the Amihud Liquidity Measure to assess the ease of trading a crypto without causing significant price changes
  • ValuationEmploys the Network Value to Transaction (NVT) ratio to evaluate the perceived market worth of a crypto
  • SecurityLeverages the hash rate (of mineable cryptos) to gauge their robustness and network security
  • AdoptionUses active addresses to estimate a crypto's popularity and the extent of its user engagement

Our Methodology

At 1 Finance, we believe in a meticulous approach to evaluating cryptos, ensuring our analysis is thorough and insightful. Here’s a five-step breakdown of our methodology:

  • Comprehensive Data CollectionSourced data for over 10,000 cryptos, ensuring a broad foundation for analysis
  • Data Integrity VerificationFiltered out cryptos with incomplete or unreliable data to maintain the credibility of our insights
  • Functional Crypto CategorisationSegregated cryptos based on their distinct purposes and primary functionalities
  • Fundamental Scoring DesignEstablished a scoring framework emphasising the four metrics: Liquidity, Valuation, Security, and Adoption
  • Ongoing Market AnalysisContinuously monitor and update our database to capture the latest market dynamics and crypto developments
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Frequently Asked Questions
What benefits can I derive from using the 1 Finance Score for cryptos?
The 1 Finance Score simplifies the complex world of crypto research. By highlighting potential risks it aids in sidestepping cryptos with weaker fundamentals, streamlining your decision-making process.
Why categorise cryptos based on their purpose?
Categorising cryptos by their primary functionalities allows for a more targeted and relevant analysis, ensuring each crypto is evaluated in its appropriate context.
How can I leverage the 1 Finance Score for better crypto insights?
Our score provides a breakdown of key parameters, helping you understand a cryptos strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on these insights, you can make more informed choices in the crypto market.
Are all cryptos evaluated using the same parameters?
Yes, every crypto is assessed using the four fundamental parameters. However, for non-mineable cryptos, where the hash rate isn't relevant, the score is based on the other three parameters.
Can I use the 1 Finance Score as the sole criterion for crypto investment?
While the 1 Finance Score offers valuable insights into a cryptos fundamentals, it's crucial to combine this with other research methods. Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, always consult with qualified financial advisors before making investment decisions.
How does the 1 Finance Score complement technical analysis for cryptos?
The 1 Finance Score exclusively focuses on a cryptos underlying fundamentals, while technical analysis examines price trends. Together, they provide a holistic view, enabling you to make more informed decisions.
How does the 1 Finance Score differ from other crypto evaluation systems?
The scoring system stands out due to its meticulous methodology, which combines both fundamental and market-driven data. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced and insightful evaluation of each crypto.
How often is the 1 Finance database of cryptos updated?
Our database undergoes continuous updates to capture the latest crypto market dynamics, ensuring you always have access to current and relevant data.
If a specific crypto isn't listed, what should I do?
While we strive to cover a vast range of cryptos, some might not be included at a given time. We continuously expand our database, so it's worth checking back regularly or reaching out to our team for specific queries.

1 Finance Pvt. Ltd. operates independently. The information presented herein is intended solely for educational and informational purposes and should not be construed as financial advice. Before making any financial decisions, it's essential to undertake your own thorough research and analysis. If you're uncertain about any financial matters, we strongly recommend seeking guidance from an impartial financial advisor.